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Verobella is a Hair Salon and Spa located in Hamilton, NJ. We have an amazing team of stylists, cosmetologists and masseuses. In our friendly environment, we offer all kind of services for everyone from haircuts, conditioning, color, keratin, waxing up to massages. You can find out more about our services here:


Besides, we have a new kids area ready for the little ones. One of our specialties is working on repairing your hair with our organic and homemade cocktail. For more information see:


Each client has their special needs and Verobella will take care of them!


My name is Veronica Bermeo. I´m the owner and founder of Verobella Hair Salon. I’m an empowered and passionate female entrepreneur. I’m living my dream and I would like to share my story with you.


One day I woke up and it was my 14thbirthday. I had seen a pair of beautiful pants in a store near my house. That morning I asked my mom: “Mom, today is my special day and I saw these cool pants that I would love to have for my birthday. Can you please buy them for me?”. She looked into my eyes and said: “Okay, you can buy those pants but with your own money”. Now I’m going to get you a job in a barbershop, so you can get your pants and finish your cosmetology practices. I didn’t expect that answer.


At that time I did not understand what my mother was teaching me, but life is a wonderful journey that teaches you a valuable lesson each day. This lesson was the cornerstone of my career. After a few days working at the barbershop, my career began to make sense. I did finish my studies and became a cosmetologist. I realized that with my talents I was able to make people happy and earn things on my own. It didn’t feel like I was working at all.


After a while, I was able to travel to the United States where I continued my career as a hair stylist. I worked in one of the best beauty salons in New York City and I was recognized by the best hairdressers in the area. Therefore, my second goal was to become the owner of my hair salon. I remembered my pants lesson and felt empowered with my mother´s words. I started saving little by little from each tip I got in NY, using the old methodology of separating the money in an envelope. After a while, I gathered the money to open my own salon in NJ.


Today I am a recognized stylist and the owner of my own hair salon and spa. All I can say is: Thank you Mom!