Verobella | About Verobella Hair Salon
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Verobella is a hairdresser and spa in Hamilton with a star staff of the best stylists in New Jersey. In a friendly environment, we offer haircuts and styling, deep conditioning treatments and hair repair, as well as luxury services in color: from balayage reflections to all kinds of creative blond color, high impact (or subtle pastel). Keratin, hair straightening, makeup, waxing and all cuts for children. We have a private area for our children. An organic and homemade treatment for all hair types just for you.


One day I woke up, it was my birthday. I  was 14 years old and had seen a pair of pants in a store, as well as some nice pants. That morning I asked my mom: “Mom, today is my birthday. I had seen these pants that I would love for you to buy,”. She looked into my eyes and said: “Okay, you can buy” those pants yourself, because now I’m going to get you a job in a barbershop, so you can finish your cosmetology practices. “At that time I did not understand what my mother was teaching me, but life is a wonderful journey that teaches you every day. There, in the barbershop, my career began to make sense. After a while, I was able to travel to the United States where I wanted to start my career as a stylist. I worked in one of the best beauty salons in New York City and I was recognized by the best hairdressers. Today I am a recognized stylist and the owner of my own beauty salon. The whole effort started when I arrived in this country. I really wanted to have my own hairdresser. That´s why I started saving and I got it with a lot of work and dedication. I think that at this moment my mother is very proud of me and vice versa. Thanks mom.